The Most Important Relationship You Will Have is the One with Yourself

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Results Driven Coaching 


  • Negative patterns that keep you stuck, aren’t serving you, and you want to move forward.
  • "I'm not good enough," "I can't succeed," an inner critic and negative self-talk.
  • Unresolved emotional issues, betrayals, grief/loss from the past & you can't get beyond it.
  • Codependency & people pleasing that leaves you emotionally bankrupt.
  • Fear, anger, sadness, stress or loneliness got the best of you.
  • Struggling in your relationships & can't seem to get a handle on it.
  • Overthinking & racing thoughts that keep you up at night.
  • Anxious attachment style in your intimate relationships.
  • Lack of motivation or purpose in your life.
  • Low self-esteem, self-worth & self-love.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards building a rock-solid foundation of confidence, emotional resilience, and a secure relationship with your true self?



You are in the right place. I understand it's difficult and challenging to find the right person to work with. Hello, I'm Christy Maxey and I've worked with thousands of people just like you and me and I know a thing or two about how to help people. What I found is that we all suffer at times in our lives, and we suffer over common themes, and NOBODY TEACHES US WHAT TO DO WITH OUR EMOTIONS, OUR THOUGHTS & OUR RELATIONSHIPSThat's where I come in. I'm a former therapist, now personal development life coach & author of The Maxx Method: How to Love Yourself and The Mindful Dating Journal, available on Amazon. I use an effective, efficient system of evidenced-based concepts, tools and exercises and I will help you go deep, uncover true self-worth, develop emotional intelligence and provide life-long skills that will help guide you in the relationship with yourself, with others and in your life. Remember, you are not broken. There is nothing wrong with you. And, it doesn't have to take years of therapy to figure it out. Let's get started!


Personal Development Coaching with Christy, and for women, is designed to help you finally feel good enough, heal unresolved issues, build a strong foundation of self-worth & emotional intelligence. Work with a trauma trained former therapist, now coach and author, using effective reprocessing tools such as Guided Visualization, Releasing Negative Core Beliefs to help you make the progress you've been longing for.  Click here to learn more.


I meet men where they are to see more possibilities in relationships & in everyday life. I will get to the bottom of the real issues & get past barriers that men naturally carry. Let me help you develop emotional intelligence, thrive in your life & relationships using modalities that prompt the subconscious into greater progress more quickly and effectively. Click here to learn more.

MAXX METHOD is NOT Psychotherapy

Christy Maxey has developed the Maxx Method, a framework for personal development. She understands the art & science of human behavior, healing & transformation and uses evidenced-based modalities. She does NOT perform psychotherapy. She is a results-driven coach who works with people to help them enhance the relationship with themselves. She does not treat psychological disorders. Click here to schedule. ONLINE Coaching, In Office in Phoenix, Arizona.


In-person for life coaching for people in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, or Online Coaching via Zoom for clients throughout Arizona & worldwide. If you've tried therapy and are tired of not getting the results you need, give me a call at 480-600-3003. 

It's sometimes a difficult journey to navigate. Search no further. I will show you the way.

We stay stuck often because we are not sure what to do, how to change it and who to go to for help. 

Many people who come to me have tried therapy with little or no results. They've tried reading books, listening to podcasts and maybe even coaching. But they are still struggling with the root issues.

Our time spent together will be getting to the root of what we are working on. How are you holding yourself back? What limiting beliefs do you have? What are you resisting or how is self-doubt and judgment keeping you stuck? How is your past STILL affecting you NOW? Where is the anxiety and stress coming from? Most times, we just don't know. Most therapists and coaches will work all over the map, allow you to talk about your week and you will see little to no results. We get right to the issues and I won't waste your time.

I make that commitment to you and stand out as one of the most effective and successful Personal Development Life Coaches in the metropolitan Phoenix area (Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Paradise Valley) and around the world.

Schedule a FREE 30-min Call to create a personalized plan so you can begin to build a confident and secure relationship with yourself

christy maxey


I can’t possibly give you enough praise, Christy. I didn’t know or understand what codependency was. You are a gifted listener. You’ve educated me, guided me, helped me change my negative thinking, and gave me some very helpful and creative tips to use with my husband and family. You still hold me accountable and I’m so grateful for that. I’m so much better off now being in control of my life. Thank you, Christy"


in Phoenix

Hi, I’m Christy Maxey

christy maxey

After over twenty years as a psychotherapist working with thousands of men and women struggling with common themes, I developed an efficient and effective METHOD that helps you build a secure, solid relationship with the most important person in your life: YOU!


I will help you get there with honesty, compassion and accountability.
Schedule a FREE 30-min Call to create a personalized plan so you can begin to build a confident and secure relationship with yourself


  • Arizona State University, Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
  • Arizona State University, Master's of Counseling
  • Licensed Professional Counselor 2002-2019
  • Psychotherapy Private Practice 1999-2019
  • Online Coaching & In Office Coaching Private Practice 2018-Present
  • The Option Institute, Sheffield, Massachusetts  – Work-Study Program
  • Certified Gestalt Therapist: AZ Gestalt Institute, 3-Year Training Program
  • Various Workshops, Trainings in Mindfulness, Hypnosis & Healing Trauma
  • PIT Training by Pia Mellody of The Meadows Treatment Center
  • Imago Relationship Workshops and Trainings
  • The Gottman Method for Working with Couples – Certification
  • Relationship as a Path Coaching Class with Jayson Gaddis
  • Build Your Life Resume Course with Jesse Itzler

Don't Get Left Behind. The Time is NOW!

The world is changing, and people are finally learning how to manage their own human experience. If you're here and ready to look inward, get to know yourself and the skills that we should have all learned in school, you are in the right place. You have been suffering for too long. I will not waste your time or beat around the bush with you, to get to your truth. I have a knack for guiding my clients in a way that is gentle but firm, compassionate yet driven. You will learn, you will transform, and you will be happy you did the work. I won’t let you hide behind your grandiosity or your insecurity. I won’t let you avoid your fears. I won’t let you stay stuck in your victim mentality. I know you are capable of greater relationships, of higher self-confidence and self-esteem, of getting off the couch and doing something with your life or letting go of your past.

I am confident in getting my clients the results that they deserve. If I'm not the right fit for you, I will be upfront and honest and will give you referrals and resources that may be helpful.


Schedule a FREE 30-min Call to create a personalized plan so you can begin to build a confident and secure relationship with yourself


Using techniques from a background of psychology and psychotherapy in combination with results-oriented coaching, I help individuals free themselves from their past, get un-stuck and learn to value themselves and live the life they deserve.

I see the potential in others, even when they can’t see it in themselves.


When I began working with Christy I was an anxiety-ridden, sad, and confused individual; prone to melancholy and extreme thinking-patterns that left me full of angst and despair. Having worked with Christy for a year, I have made tremendous progress towards living as my authentic self. Christy is so tremendously talented, compassionate, and professional; there is no doubt that I could not have made such immense improvement in my life without her. She is absolutely great at what she does, and I cannot recommend her services strongly enough."

Brandon R.


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