Why Does EMDR Work Faster Than Talk Therapy?

  • Ever feel stuck in your life?
  • Stuck repeating the same patterns in your relationships: being too nice, easily triggered, avoidant or choosing the wrong people?
  • Stuck feeling the same anger, anxiety, sadness or fear in your body and unable to stop it?
  • Stuck hearing the same inner critic for years and you can’t imagine doing anything different?
  • Stuck with shame from trauma, mistakes of your past or unsure where the shame comes from?
  • Stuck with negative self-talk that you can’t seem to change and you’re tired of the self-doubt, shame and anxiety that comes with it?

I know it well.

Most clients who come to me are stuck in some way and they are tired of it. I’ve been stuck a few times in my life, and I know firsthand, it is not fun.

One of my favorite tools for helping people get unstuck is EMDR. 

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

Take it from me….

It helps people get unstuck.

Much faster than therapy, cognitive therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, talk therapy, grief therapy, marriage counseling and many other modalities.

Years ago, I ended a 3-year relationship after discovering something very traumatic.

Boom! One day on, the next day over.

Literally, we were just having a beautiful, adventurous weekend on the motorcycle together and by Monday evening, it was over. Talk about a shock to the system. 

Being the busy, stubborn therapist that I am, I thought I could get through it on my own.

Not so.

I was stuck in anger, grief, loss, confusion, trauma for almost a year, and I finally did EMDR.

I will never forget that session. Especially, that 5 minutes of imagining something different that finally dislodged the trauma and anger in my mind.

It was no longer mine to carry. I no longer had to protect the world from this person. I was free to live my life.

As you may already know, I’m all about modalities and tools that work effectively and efficiently. EMDR is one of the modalities that I use; and I love watching it help transform lives. If you want to learn more, here’s my website page on it.

If not, just don’t go to talk therapy.

Unless you’re willing to take the slow boat to nowhere.

Keep going….

Here’s to blue skies.

Ready to try EMDR?

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About Christy Maxey

Christy Maxey is a former therapist and now Coach, Author and Founder of the Maxx Method. She works with clients in getting to the root of the issues so they can heal the past, build a foundation of self-worth and create a healthier, more secure life and relationships. She offers 1:1 Coaching and is the author of The Maxx Method: How to Love Yourself and Become Who You are Meant to Be and has recently co-authored The Mindful Dating Journal, which are both on Amazon.

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