What is EMDR and How Does It Work?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is a type of psychotherapy that involves asking patients to recall distressing images and then directing them to perform bilateral stimulation. This stimulation can include tapping the patient’s hands or side-to-side rapid eye movements. EMDR is a powerful treatment for many kinds of mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, and PTSD.

How does EMDR work?

In EMDR therapy, clients first identify a specific, positive belief they hold about themselves. This is done by rating the intensity of the emotion. After assessing the emotion’s intensity, the client is directed to focus on the image/negative thought. During this time, bilateral stimulation takes place. This stimulation can include tapping, tones, and eye movements. Clients will differ in the type of bilateral stimulation they use. 

EMDR therapy can be compared to putting a cast over a broken bone. Unlike traditional treatments, EMDR is incredibly painful and uncomfortable. You should be prepared for the possibility of feeling emotionally exhausted after the session. You can prepare a playlist and plan some relaxation activities to help you get through this time. After the sessions are over, you should take some time to recharge and relax.

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Who is Christy Maxey

Christy Maxey is a former therapist and now Coach, Author and Founder of the Maxx Method. She works with clients in getting to the root of the issues so they can heal the past, build a foundation of self-worth and create a healthier, more secure life and relationships. She offers 1:1 Coaching and is the author of The Maxx Method: How to Love Yourself and Become Who You are Meant to Be and has recently co-authored The Mindful Dating Journal, which are both on Amazon.

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