How to Calm Anxiety


Anxiety refers to a condition where people worry about a situation and react accordingly to ensure their survival, but these responses are often unnecessary. Anxiety is a common human reaction to a variety of situations, but can also be caused by a traumatic or stressful event. Anxiety disorder symptoms may also manifest as physical symptoms. Anxiety symptoms can include shaking, trembling or rapid heartbeat and difficulty breathing.

How can you reduce anxiety?

There are many ways to reduce anxiety. One of the best ways you can reduce anxiety is to exercise. It can help you lose excess energy and reduce stress. Start small and then gradually increase your activities. Avoid alcohol, nicotine and other recreational drugs, as they can increase anxiety.

It is essential to use relaxation techniques and breathing exercises to reduce anxiety. The “pretzel” technique is easy to use and can be done anywhere. It involves crossing the dominant leg at ankle level over the non-dominant. You can also do slow, rhythmic breathing exercises and use a point person as a reminder to help you remember to do these exercises when you’re stressed. This person can be a coach, a spouse, or a family member. The most important thing is to pick someone who you trust and who knows your history with anxiety.

Although it can be a long process, these techniques can help you to manage anxiety. Practice breathing exercises as often as you can. It is important to remain calm and not let anxiety overwhelm you. You should be aware of the triggers and try to recognize when they’re happening.

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