How Can EMDR Therapy Help My Anxiety?

EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is a form of therapy that can effectively deal with anxiety and the mental imagery associated with stressful situations. It works by using your imagination to “feel your way” through the traumatic memory. Working through these fears can help you overcome blocks to healing and experience relief quickly. This therapy is an effective way to work through your traumatic memories and get the relief you need.

About EMDR Therapy

In EMDR therapy, the patient will repeat the traumatic event or memory over. The patient will be instructed to focus on the memory and engage in relaxation techniques to allow the process to take place. The session will continue until the memory is no longer distressing. During this step, you will need to remember the traumatic event or memory again. The process is done until the patient no longer experiences any unpleasant feelings associated with the memory.

EMDR is a highly effective form of psychotherapy for anxiety. Unlike regular psychotherapy, EMDR is a completely manualized process. This means that a coach can customize the process to meet the needs of each client. If a client has a history of dissociative or emotional avoidance, EMDR may help them better manage their symptoms and emotions. There is no reason to be embarrassed about your fear or to hide it from people.

EMDR works by restoring neural balance and pathology. The coach teaches the patient to associate a negative memory with a positive belief. It involves the person focusing on a certain external stimulus, usually a coach’s two fingers. After a series of bilateral eye movements, the coach then asks the patient to reflect on the memories associated with the traumatic incident.

EMDR is a form of therapy for trauma. It is an effective way to process traumatic memories. Patients report that it reduces their levels of stress and anxiety and helps them focus more clearly on their goals. EMDR is not a cure-all or a miracle cure. The benefits of EMDR are cumulative. It can take several sessions to see a significant improvement in the treatment for your trauma.

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