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Every person grows and learns in different ways. To that point, every counselor or guide has their own techniques and exercises to help clients. Not every method is effective for everyone, but with the right guidance, you can defeat your inner demons and recapture your life. That's where Christy Maxey thrives.

Christy is a trauma EMDR coach dedicated to empowering people with the knowledge of true self-love. She aims to help men and women overcome negative self-talk and patterns and finally live the fulfilling life they deserve. Christy has a special focus on supporting women who experience anxiety, depression, lack of self-trust, people-pleasing, and feelings of inadequacy. Additionally, she's an expert in helping men who are navigating anger, stress, and relationship challenges.

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If you have received help from therapists and life coaches in the past but find yourself falling back into the same patterns as before, know that you're not alone. The simple truth could be that whatever problem you were trying to face was left unresolved.

Essentially, you cut the top of the weed, but you didn't pull out the entire root. In a sense, you put a band-aid on a serious wound when you needed more comprehensive, specialized treatment. Unlike many life coaches, Christy Maxey aims to solve the root cause of your mental and physical symptoms. By addressing the cause of your issues, you can reclaim your life and move forward without the baggage you've carried for so long. Take it from us - it's an incredible feeling!

Some of the most common problems that Christy helps solve for patients include:

  • Difficulty Dealing with the Emotional Content at the Center of Their Problems
  • A Lack of Resistance to and Awareness of "What Is"
  • Fear and Uncertainty About Making Changes
  • Fear of Getting Compassionate Help and Guidance
  • Believing False Narratives Associated with Past Traumas and Experiences

What is EMDR Therapy in Tempe, AZ?


EMDR, which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is a technique that assists people in recovering from the effects of distressing life experiences, such as emotional distress and symptoms.

Created by psychologist Dr. Francine Shapiro in 1987 as a treatment method for post-traumatic stress disorder, EMDR is an evidence-based treatment approach that provides both trauma-informed treatment and treatment protocol. Unlike traditional talk therapy, EMDR employs bilateral stimulation to replicate the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phase of sleep. In fact, EMDR treatments have shown that the mind can heal from psychological trauma faster than traditional talk therapy.

Traumatic events often lead to negative beliefs and emotions, such as shame, anger, and sadness. EMDR enables your brain to reprocess such events, promoting healing, well-being, and positivity in patients.

If you're wondering whether or not EMDR treatment from Christy Maxey might be a good choice for you and your family, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do You Feel Stuck in Your Life?
  • Do You Find Yourself Stuck Feeling the Same Types of Fear, Sadness, or Anxiety?
  • Have You Grown Accustomed to a Negative Inner Critic?
  • Do You Feel Stuck with Feelings of Shame from Past Mistakes or Traumas?
  • Are You Always Repeating the Same Patterns in Relationships? Too Nice, Too Accepting, Avoidant, Easy to Get Triggered, Etc.?
  • Is Your Brain Full of Self-Doubt and Harmful Self-Talk?
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How Does EMDR Therapy Work?


Once it's agreed that EMDR therapy is suitable for you, your initial sessions involve discussing your goals and enhancing your ability to cope with stress. In the following phases of EMDR therapy, you concentrate on a specific event or focus on a negative image, belief, emotion, or bodily sensation related to the event. You then focus on a positive belief indicating that the issue has been resolved.

While you're focused on the upsetting event, Christy begins sets of side-to-side eye movements, sounds, or taps. After each set, you are guided to observe what comes to mind. Shifts in insight or changes in images, feelings, or beliefs about the event may occur. It should be noted that you can stop therapy at any moment if necessary. The sets of eye movements, sounds, or taps will be repeated until distress caused by the event decreases. EMDR therapy can be used as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with other forms of therapy offered through the Maxx Method.

To help paint you a picture of how EMDR therapy works, think of it like a cast for a broken bone. Unlike other forms of therapy, however, EMDR can be more uncomfortable than traditional treatments. It's important to be ready for possible emotional exhaustion afterward. To cope, you can create a relaxing playlist and plan some activities to unwind. Once the sessions are finished, take some time to recharge and decompress.

Who Should Use EMDR Therapy in Tempe, AZ?


EMDR therapy is something anyone can benefit from. It's not only reserved for people with extreme experiences or traumas. Even mild cases of anxiety and depression can be treated by a trained EMDR coach like Christy Maxey. When you remember something that reminds you of a bad experience, your body might react like it's in danger, even if it's not. This is a normal reaction, but if it keeps happening, it can make you feel really stressed out. With EMDR, you can heal and learn new ways to cope without having to talk about exactly what happened. This can help you feel better and live your life without over-worrying and ruminating on negativity.

If you're one of the many people who have experienced lackluster results from one or more EMDR sessions, it's crucial that you do not give up hope. In fact, many men and women come to Christy Maxey having had poor EMDR experiences. Thankfully, they soon realize how impactful and fulfilling the therapy can be for trauma. That's especially true when combined with other therapies like Inner Child Healing and Guided Visualization. Of course, EMDR therapy in Tempe, AZ, isn't the best choice for every patient - after all, every person is different and responds to therapies in different ways.

To truly discover if EMDR therapy is the right choice for your mind and body, contact Christy ASAP to schedule your initial consultation. That way, you and Christy can get to know each other better and discover the best ways to promote long-term healing and well-being. With that said, patients choose EMDR treatments for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons for using EMDR therapy include the following:

  • Panic Attacks and Anxiety
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome)
  • Eating Disorders like Bulimia, Anorexia, and More
  • Trauma from Abuse and Violence
  • Abusive or Violent Relationships
  • Rest and Sleep Problems
  • Social Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Childhood Trauma and Abuse
  • Anger and Sadness
  • Fear of Speaking in Public
  • Betrayal and Grief
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The Life-Changing Benefits of EMDR Therapy


Though EMDR therapy is more popular than ever, many people are still unaware of its benefits and how life-changing the therapy can be for people who are stuck. If that sounds like you, keep these benefits in mind as you continue to research this amazing therapy choice.

Triumph Over Trauma

Triumph Over Trauma

Recovering from a traumatic experience can be extremely challenging, but EMDR therapy can provide a solution. Trauma can create triggers that make you feel like you're experiencing the event all over again. EMDR can help reorganize the thoughts, feelings, and experiences associated with the trauma so that you no longer feel controlled by it. While the effects of trauma may never completely disappear, EMDR can significantly reduce its impact on your life and enable you to live in the present without constantly reliving the past.

Enhance Your Mental Fortitude

Enhance Your Mental Fortitude

Achieving personal growth involves accepting one's identity, building self-esteem, and understanding the internal narratives that shape our daily experiences. EMDR and guided therapeutic processing can help create a peaceful, efficient, and confident setting for individuals to accept their past and move forward. This therapeutic process empowers individuals, providing them with the strength and courage to confront any obstacle that impedes their well-being.

Reshape Your Life

Reshape Your Life

During EMDR therapy sessions, traumatic events are broken down, enabling patients to gain a different perspective on negative events. This altered view can be as life-changing as the traumatic event itself, giving individuals greater control over how they adapt to the effects of trauma.

Overcome Circular Thinking

Overcome Circular Thinking

If you struggle with circular thinking patterns related to anxiety disorders, phobias, or generalized anxiety, EMDR therapy may be helpful. EMDR can assist you in overcoming these thought spirals by teaching you how to deal with your fears and worries without becoming overwhelmed by anxiety.

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Understanding the Phases of EMDR Therapy in Tempe, AZ


According to the EMDR Institute, there are eight phases in traditional EMDR treatment:

The EMDR Institute has identified eight phases of EMDR therapy. These are:

  • History and Treatment Planning
  • Preparation
  • Assessment
  • Desensitization
  • Installation
  • Body scan
  • Closure
  • Reevaluation
History and Treatment Planning

History and Treatment Planning

During the initial stage of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, Christy will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your medical and emotional history and create a treatment plan. This stage involves discussing the particular issue that led you to seek therapy. You'll also identify behaviors and symptoms associated with the issues you're facing. Based on this information, Christy will develop a personalized treatment plan that outlines the goals to be addressed using EMDR therapy in Tempe, AZ:

  • The Traumas or Events Causing Issues
  • Present-Day Problems and Traumas Causing Distress
  • Healthy Behaviors and Skills Needed for Long-Term Well-Being


During this phase, Christy will explain the theory of EMDR, how it is applied, and what you can expect during and after treatment. Christy will then teach you several techniques for relaxation so that you have the tools to calm down in the event of emotional disturbance.

One of the biggest goals of this first phase is to establish trust between you and your EMDR coach. While you don't have to go into great detail about disturbing memories, if you don't trust your therapist, you may not accurately report what is felt and what changes you are or aren't experiencing. If your goal is to please the therapist and say you feel better when you really aren't, no therapy in the world will resolve your trauma.



In this phase, you will be prompted to access each target in a controlled manner so it can be effectively processed. Processing does not mean talking about it. From there, Christy identifies different parts of the target to be processed. The first step is for you to select a specific image or mental picture from the target event (identified during Phase One) that best represents the memory.

You then choose a positive statement that you would like to believe. The statement should have an internal sense of control, such as "I am valuable/lovable/a good person/in control" or "I can achieve success." In some cases, when the primary emotion is fear, such as after a natural disaster, the negative thought could be "I am in danger," and the positive thought could be "I am safe now." "I am in danger" is considered a negative thought because fear is no longer necessary, but it is still present in the nervous system. The positive thought should reflect what is appropriate in the present moment.

During this phase, you will also identify negative emotions like anger or fear and physical sensations that you associate with trauma.



This phase of EMDR therapy in Tempe, AZ, hones in on the disturbing sensations and emotions associated with your trauma and the ways that you respond to it. In doing so, patients often resolve similar events as well. The goal of this phase is to use sounds, taps, or eye movements with shifting focus until your subjective disturbance levels are lowered.



The goal here is to concentrate on the positive belief that you have identified to replace your negative belief(s). For example, you may have suffered child abuse in your younger years and hold the negative belief that you are powerless. Christy will help strengthen and install positive cognitions that reinforce the fact that you are in control, not the negative thoughts and emotions keeping you stuck.

Body Scan

Body Scan

Research into EMDR sessions indicates that physical responses to unresolved thoughts are common. After your positive cognition is fortified and installed, Christy will ask that you bring the original target event to the forefront of your mind. If she notices any additional body tension, those physical sensations are reprocessed. If you do not have any body tension or symptoms present when your original target event is brought up, your EMDR session is considered successful.



Typical EMDR sessions end with closure and a debriefing on what you can expect between your current and subsequent EMDR sessions. If necessary, Christy will provide calming techniques that you can use outside of therapy. This part of the EMDR process ensures that you leave Christy's office feeling better than you did at the beginning of the session.



This phase gives Christy insight into any other treatment plans that may be necessary for your healing and well-being. Like any type of sound therapy, reevaluation is critical in determining the success of your EMDR treatment over a period of time.

Reshape Your Life with EMDR Therapy from Christy Maxey


Regardless of the events and trauma keeping you stuck, EMDR might be a viable solution for reclaiming your life. Christy Maxey provides patients with the safe space needed to do so. If you're ready to let go of past or present traumas and reclaim your love of life, EMDR therapy could be the first step on your healing journey. Contact our office today to learn more about the Maxx Method, EMDR therapy in Tempe, AZ, EMDR online, and how Christy Maxey can help you defeat the inner demons holding you back.

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Coyotes' Travis Dermott 'had to' defy NHL with Pride tape

ReactionsLike154Funny14Celebrate3Fire1Wow1Travis Dermott had a lot on his mind as he carefully wrapped the shaft of his hockey stick with rainbow-colored tape.The NHL had dispatched a memo to teams before the season, reiterating its ban on altering on-ice gear for warmups and practices to reflect theme nights.The ...












Travis Dermott had a lot on his mind as he carefully wrapped the shaft of his hockey stick with rainbow-colored tape.

The NHL had dispatched a memo to teams before the season, reiterating its ban on altering on-ice gear for warmups and practices to reflect theme nights.

The Arizona Coyotes defenseman was about to become the first player to defy that edict on supporting social causes -- including Pride tape for the LGBTQIA+ community. And he was going to do it in a game.

"A bunch of thoughts are going through your head," Dermott said Friday. "But not one of them was, 'Should I do this or shouldn't I do this?' It was more, 'How fast is it going to blow up? How much is it going to blow up? Is anyone even going to notice?'

"It had to be done. I was going to deal with whatever came my way."

What came his way was an avalanche of support after Dermott sported the tape on Saturday in Arizona's home opener against the Los Angeles Kings.

It also didn't take long for the NHL to backpedal. The league announced less than 72 hours later its ban on using stick tape to support social causes, including rainbow-colored Pride tape, had been rescinded.

The 26-year-old from Newmarket, Ontario, said working for causes away from the rink is great, but on TV under the bright lights is where there's the most exposure.

"That's when those little things would be picked up in the most meaningful way, the most powerful way," he said. "My parents really made it an important lesson that you want to be the best influence you can for the next generation."

Pride nights became a hot-button issue in hockey after six players chose not to participate in pregame warmups last season when their team wore rainbow-themed jerseys. Teams this season are not allowed to wear any kind of theme jerseys, including military appreciation and Hockey Fights Cancer, for warmups.

Players across the league publicly expressed their disappointment of the league's guidance.

Dermott said standing up isn't always easy but becoming a father for the first time last year -- and with another baby on the way -- shifted his perspective.

"This got laid out in front of me," he said. "And with the amount that I care about [the LGBTQIA+] community and the amount of ties that I had before doing this, and now the amount of people that have come out of the woodwork saying that this affected them in a way that I didn't even think was possible ... it lets you know it was probably the right move."

It was also a risk. Dermott inked a one-year, two-way contract for about the league minimum in Arizona this summer after an injury-ravaged 2022-23 season with the Vancouver Canucks. He noted he didn't know what the "repercussions could be."

But if things went against him, it would be on his terms.

"That alone pushed me to go through with this," Dermott said. "As well as the support from my team ... they gave me the confidence to stand up for what was right."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

Why Is Drain Cleaning Important for Home Maintenance?

Drain cleaning might seem like one of those tasks that homeowners can put off, but it's actually a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy home. Drains, like every other part of our homes, require regular attention and maintenance. Why is it so important? Let's dive into the key reasons.Prevents Clogs and BlockagesOver time, daily activities such as washing dishes, taking showers, and doing laundry can cause soap, hair, grease, and other residues to build up in the pipes. If not addressed, these residues can lead to clogs and...

Drain cleaning might seem like one of those tasks that homeowners can put off, but it's actually a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy home. Drains, like every other part of our homes, require regular attention and maintenance. Why is it so important? Let's dive into the key reasons.

Prevents Clogs and Blockages

Over time, daily activities such as washing dishes, taking showers, and doing laundry can cause soap, hair, grease, and other residues to build up in the pipes. If not addressed, these residues can lead to clogs and blockages. By regularly cleaning your drains, you help ensure the smooth flow of water, preventing the frustration of standing water in your sink or tub. This not only saves time but can also save on potential repair costs in the future.

Reduces the Risk of Plumbing Emergencies

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to find your bathroom flooded because of a blocked drain. Not only is this a massive inconvenience, but it could also lead to costly repairs. Regular drain maintenance reduces the risk of plumbing emergencies, ensuring that minor issues are caught and addressed before they escalate.

Eliminates Foul Odors

Blocked drains can trap food particles, which, over time, decay and produce a foul smell. This not only makes your home environment unpleasant but can also be a health concern. Clean drains mean no decomposing debris, ensuring that your home smells fresh and is hygienic for your family.

Prolongs the Life of Your Plumbing System

A well-maintained drain system can extend the lifespan of your entire plumbing system. When drains are clean, there's less strain on the pipes, reducing the risk of leaks or breaks. This not only saves homeowners on replacement costs but also promotes a more sustainable living environment.

Protects the Home from Potential Damage

Overflow from blocked drains can lead to water damage, impacting the integrity of your home's structure. By ensuring that your drainage system is functioning correctly, homeowners can avoid potential long-term damage to their property.

Ensures Efficient Drainage

Water should flow smoothly down a drain. When there's a buildup of debris, water drainage can become inefficient. By maintaining clean drains, homeowners can guarantee that water drains at an optimal speed, preventing potential backflows or overflows.

Schedule Your Drain Cleaning Today!

Drain cleaning might seem like a mundane task, but its importance cannot be overstated. Regular maintenance not only saves homeowners time and money but also ensures a comfortable and safe living environment. With the challenges that clogged drains can present, it's evident that keeping them clean is a small investment for peace of mind and the overall health of the home. Instead of waiting for a problem to arise, take a proactive approach. Book your regular drain cleaning services with us and ensure your home's plumbing system remains in top condition.

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The 19th Explores: Climate Stories and Sustainable Solutions

The 19th News is heading to Arizona to talk with people leading efforts to address climate change.Join us on Monday, November 13, as we gather leaders in the U.S. Southwest — a region already experiencing untenable temperatures, wildfires and drought — to highlight their work at the frontlines of tackling the climate emergency.The 19th is partnerin...

The 19th News is heading to Arizona to talk with people leading efforts to address climate change.

Join us on Monday, November 13, as we gather leaders in the U.S. Southwest — a region already experiencing untenable temperatures, wildfires and drought — to highlight their work at the frontlines of tackling the climate emergency.

The 19th is partnering with Arizona State University to host an interactive, solutions-focused afternoon of climate conversations. We’ll hear from Southwest leaders working to protect their communities and land from the changing climate, and storytellers using their work to educate and empower different audiences.

We’ll save time at the end of the day for more intimate and actionable discussions. Attendees can grab a free bite from two local food trucks and join a conversation around the work some of our speakers, journalists and other leaders are doing around sustainability, like Sound Future, Mercury Stadium and other influencers in the space. This is a great opportunity to dive deeper into their approaches to addressing climate change and how those techniques can be applied in everyday life.

RSVP now for the free event.

2:30 p.m | Doors open

3:00 - 4:30 p.m. | Program

4:30 - 5:30 | Solutions Session and Refreshments

Amanda Hensen, Deputy Secretary for Climate Change, California Natural Resources Agency

Cliff Kapono, Professional Surfer and Marine Conservation Scientist

Jessica Kutz, Gender, Climate and Sustainability Reporter, The 19th News

Michelle Chubb, Indigenous Baddie, TikTok, Content Creator

Nancy Allen, Environmental Programs Administrator, City of Phoenix

Selena La Rue Hatch, Assemblymember, Nevada State Assembly (District 25)

Teresa de Miguel, Video Editor, The Associated Press Climate and Environment

Wawa Gatheru, Founder & Executive Director of Black Girl Environmentalist

Walton Center for Planetary Health

777 East University Drive

Tempe, AZ 85281

The 19th will cover your parking. Park at the Novus Structure at 747 S Packard Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281. Take the bridge on the third floor to get to the event space.

All events from The 19th contain professional captioning. While we hope you can watch with us live, this event will be available right here shortly after the original stream. Just RSVP for access.

Wasserman, AP Climate Desk and Arizona State University

The 19th is an independent nonprofit newsroom reporting at the intersection of gender, politics and policy. We aim to empower women, people of color and the LGBTQ+ community with the information, community and tools they need to be equal participants in our democracy. The 19th aims to level the playing field with:

Free-to-consume and free-to-republish journalism that reimagines politics and policy coverage through a gender lens

Deep-dive, evidence-based reporting that exposes gender inequity and injustice, and reveals surprising and original stories on the issues that most deeply affect our readers’ lives, from health care to the economy

A newsroom that reflects the nation’s diversity, and is devoted to covering all people with empathy

A digital platform for civil conversations and community building, and national events that bring our readers into direct contact with their elected officials

The 19th aims to be a home for all people affected by the issues we cover. To that end, all members of our community are expected to observe our community guidelines when engaging on our website, newsletters, social channels, events or other platforms.

Learn how you can support our nonprofit newsroom here.

The 19th's virtual events aim to bring women and others marginalized based on their gender together with elected officials, experts and community leaders to discuss issues at the intersection of gender, politics and policy. Visit 19thnews.org/subscribe to receive invitations for future 19th events.

This futuristic neighborhood is ‘banning’ cars for all residents — but it’s offering them a thought-provoking deal in return

Most Americans still need cars to get practically everywhere. But one new project is aiming to change that.A real estate development in Tempe, Arizona, is touting itself as “the first car-free neighborhood built from scratch in the U.S.”The development, called ...

Most Americans still need cars to get practically everywhere. But one new project is aiming to change that.

A real estate development in Tempe, Arizona, is touting itself as “the first car-free neighborhood built from scratch in the U.S.”

The development, called Culdesac Tempe, broke ground in 2019 and welcomed its first residents this spring. All residents are banned from bringing their own cars — or, at least, from parking them onsite or in the surrounding area.

The community still makes ample use of cars but in the form of rideshares via Lyft and car sharing via Envoy, a community-based electric car-sharing service and platform. Both companies are official partners of the project.

However, personal cars are not allowed, which means that Culdesac Tempe does not have to devote any space to parking, creating “ample open space for a large dog park and pool.”

Residents also have access to over 100 Bird scooters, over 1,000 bike parking spots, and free rides on the metro.

The idea of the 15-minute city — an urban area where residents can reach all of their daily needs, such as stores, work, school, and cultural sites, within 15 minutes by bike, on foot, or personal mobility devices — has been gaining popularity recently. Tempe Culdesac is claiming to be three times as good as that ideal, calling itself a “five-minute city.”

Passenger vehicles are one of the biggest contributors to worsening air quality in the United States. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, cars contribute “significant amounts of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and other pollution.” On average, each car in America adds five tons of carbon pollution to our air each year.

But with projects like Culdesac Tempe attempting to help people move away from personal car usage by giving them another, healthier option, we may finally see those trends start to reverse.

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Tempe resumes project after finding 1,200 year old Native American village underground

Tempe is restarting its makeover of East Eighth Street after the project was put on pause in 2019, when the city found “significant” ancient artifacts in the form of a roughly 1,200-year-old Native American village buried under a portion of the project site.The city project is meant to spruce up the roadway between South Rural R...

Tempe is restarting its makeover of East Eighth Street after the project was put on pause in 2019, when the city found “significant” ancient artifacts in the form of a roughly 1,200-year-old Native American village buried under a portion of the project site.

The city project is meant to spruce up the roadway between South Rural Road South McClintock Drive with pedestrian-friendly upgrades. Tempe had to check for historical artifacts on the site before it could start construction — something required by local, state and federal laws — which led to the prehistoric discovery.

The village dates back to at least the year 850, according to Tempe’s report. Researchers believe it was home to members of the ancestral O’odham until about 1450, or about 200 before the founding of New York City.

Its inhabitants lived in “comfortable homes with plaster floors” and built a nearly four-mile canal to carry water from the Salt River to a field north of the main settlement, where they farmed maize, cotton, and squash. They were also traders who had pottery from as far away as Black Mesa, a site nearly 200 miles northeast.

But the jewel in the crown of the excavation was an “exceptionally rare adobe multi-story building” that dates back to the 1300s. Only six of them have ever been found in the Phoenix Basin.

"(That) structure is the most significant thing we found. It was the center of community life in the past, “ said Travis Cureton, a senior archeologist who worked on the site. He called its discovery “a once in a career opportunity. Most of them have already been destroyed. The last one that was excavated, a structure similar to this, was over 100 years ago."

The building had “at least seven interior spaces on its ground floor and may have had at least two additional floors above that,” according to Tempe’s report. Descendants of the village's original inhabitants believe it was a ceremonial house called a va’aki.

“It was simultaneously a residence for an important extended family in the village, a gathering place for community leaders, and a location for community religious ceremonies,” the excavation report reads.

Now that the excavation is complete, the main goal is to finalize an Eighth Street project design that somehow preserves the historic site. Tempe’s report said it’s looking to “incorporate interpretive (or) educational elements that celebrate the long history” of Tempe.

It’s unclear what exactly that might look like, but it may involve building around the city’s planned multi-use path around the ancient village so residents can visit the historic site.

"What we want to do is carefully cover it up so we can protect it. But hopefully, the final design for the multi-use path will incorporate it so that the public can come to this place and know that there was a large structure here and learn about its importance,” Cureton said in a video Tempe created about the discovery.

Ariz.'s largest resort: Party island, Barbie Beach House This state tax rebate for Arizona families coming soon Why passports are finally taking less time to process How much are Phoenix-area teachers paid?

About 90% of the Eighth Street project design is complete and there will be two public meetings where residents can give input on the plan on Oct. 18. It’s expected to include pedestrian-friendly upgrades such as more landscaping, the multi-use path and sidewalk improvements.

Staffers expect the design to be completely finalized by next spring and plan to begin construction next October.


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