Daily Habits for a Healthy Mindset


Habits are the invisible architecture of your daily life. They determine your actions, choices, and lifestyle. Additionally, your habits have the ability to define your mindset. Unhealthy habits might start sabotaging your daily life. In order to form a healthy mindset, you need to develop habits that align with your visions and goals. The following tips can help cultivate simple habits to form a healthy mindset:


Journaling is a healthy method to express yourself privately. This makes it a great way to manage your mental health. When you journal, you become more aware of your triggers including;

  • Fears, concerns, and anxieties
  • Symptoms of day-to-day triggers and how to control them
  • Opportunity for positive self-talk


Set Goals

Goal setting is for those who want to improve their lives. Goals give us a sense of purpose and hold us accountable. They are often used in life coaching to create lasting behavior change. There are many common goals of counseling to improve mental health;

  • Manifest behavioral change
  • Improve the client’s ability to maintain relationships
  • Improve the client’s ability to cope
  • Promote decision making process for healthy change


Create Achievable To-Do Lists

Conquering goals is a great habit to develop for a healthy mindset. However, the list needs to be achievable or you will feel defeated at the end of the day.

To develop an achievable to-do list, firstly prioritize. This should be one or two morning tasks. Additionally, make all the items on the list action words. Instead of using vague words like “plan” or “develop”, use words like “call” or “write”. You will know exactly what to do in the moment. Make sure to schedule in time for self-care.

Limit Social Media Time

Social media can feel like a fun way to connect with your community. However, when you stare at the screen, you are missing connection with the physical world. Going on a walk is more rewarding to your mindset than watching an influencer’s travels.

To break unhealthy habits with social media, discover a new hobby that doesn’t involve a screen. This could be walking, yoga, or reading. Start by trying that hobby one hour every week. You can also leave your phone outside of the bedroom to prevent the evening social media scroll, and delete the apps from your phone.

Christy Maxey is a life coach for men and women in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona. She also provides virtual personal development courses worldwide. Contact Christy today to improve your mental health.

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