3 Ways to Heal Your Self-Worth in Under 5-Minutes a Day

Does it ever seem that low self-worth is ruining your life?

  • It misleads you into believing that you are worthless and need other people’s approval (the beginnings of codependency, people-pleasing and losing your own sense of self.)
  • It fools you into believing you aren’t good enough.( Leading to anxiety and depression) 
  • It will convince you that you aren’t lovable.
  • It causes you to doubt who you are.

As I clarify in my book, self-worth is confidence in your worth. Self-esteem is confidence in your abilities. Through emotional coaching I am able to show you how to value yourself. 

How We Learn to Devalue Ourselves

Anyone holding a newborn baby would naturally know that this little one is worthy and valuable. This newborn doesn’t have do anything to be seen as worthy. They simply are worthy just for being.

Unfortunately, it’s likely that no matter what kind of parenting that newborn infant has, he will create messages and core beliefs for himself that he doesn’t measure up in some way. There are many things that can lead to low self-worth. Parenting is not the only source:

  • Abuse
  • Bullying
  • Adoption
  • Health Issues
  • Poor Parenting
  • Emotional Neglect
  • Learning Challenges
  • Individual Temperament
  • Abandonment or Betrayal
  • Codependent Relationships
  • Societal Demands/Norms (image, materialism, competition, popularity, socioeconomic status, you must be ‘strong’ and not have emotions)
  • Life Experiences (loss, grief, divorce, frequent moves and different schools, traumatic events/accidents)

Low self-worth is rooted in negative, false core beliefs that you have created and believed for years.  The good news is Inner Child Healing, EMDR and Guided Meditations are proven ways that will help you dig into these roots and transform how you feel about yourself. Learning self love, self compassion, and better self esteem through these treatments. I show you the steps for a more fulfilling, well rounded and healthy life.

3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Uncover True Self-Worth

  1. Know that we are all born worthy and valuable, and that includes YOU. You are worthy just for being. Remember, self-worth isn’t measured by what you have or any other outside sources. It’s as simple as “I am me, therefore, I am worthy.”
  2. We are all equally worthy. Nobody is better or less than anyone else. Our society has created a very damaging myth that worth is equal to success, money or appearance; however, that is not true self-worth. Knowing you are valuable just for being you is true self-worth. Imagine saying that to your younger self, “you are worthy just for being you.”
  3. Your worth is unconditional – mistakes, failures, flaws and all. Those are all part of being human and every single human is worthy. No matter what. Realize your worth is unconditional and practice “I am worthy no matter what.”

Do It NOW!

Practice each of these daily. Say it in the mirror. Write it on post-its. Say it out loud in the car. Close your eyes and imagine looking at your 10-year-old younger self in the eyes and saying it to him/her. Over and over again until it becomes true at the core of your being. That is true self-worth.

I hope this is helpful. As always, I love to hear from you and how you’re doing in your inner journey to wholeness.

Here’s to less suffering and more joy.

About the Author

Christy Maxey is a Coach, Author and Founder of the Maxx Method. Her belief is that life is to be enjoyed and that too many people are needlessly suffering. Her mission is to build the world’s self-worth and emotional intelligence, one person at a time. When she’s not working with clients, writing books and creating courses, she’s probably hiking and enjoying nature, spending time with her friends, family and furry ones. She is the author of The Maxx Method: How to Love Yourself and Become Who You are Meant to Be and co-author of The Mindful Dating Journal, which are both on Amazon.

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